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Parents should be models of good behavior
pastor corner

As I recently sat at my desk, I looked up at a calendar and saw a picture of a mother goose with her little goslings swimming after her. The caption read simply, “Follow me.”
This is a natural instinct with geese, but the same is true, for the most part, with us humans as well. Children mimic their parents in everything from the way they walk to picking up ways of saying things. It’s always amazed me how parents tell their kids not to do or say certain things, while they themselves lead the way by example.
First of all, we parents need to model good behavior; in other words, we need to lead the way to the right things to do. Secondly, we need to need to teach by example that there are certain habits and actions that are unacceptable.
Jesus said very simply in Matthew 19:21, “Follow me,” and the Apostle Paul said with confidence in 1 Corinthians 11:1, “Follow me as I follow Christ.” So the big questions are, first of all, am I leading the way by following Jesus Christ, and secondly, am I living a life I would want others to follow?

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