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Make good use of the Lord's gifts
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In an Old Testament story, David, the one who killed Goliath, had 600 men with him as he literally was running for his life from King Saul of Israel.
All of these men and their families were living in another country, trying to find safety and security. While the men were away and offering their services to the king of whose country they were living, raiders attacked their town and took off with their families and possessions.
When David heard of this, he and the men went after them. But 200 of them couldn’t physically go any farther, so they were told to stay and watch the supplies. God allowed David and his men to be successful, and they were able to get back what was theirs plus a lot more of what was called “the spoils of war.”
When the 400 men returned to meet the other 200, they had decided that because these 200 men did not go on with them into battle, they were undeserving of any of the bounty. David stepped in and said that the men who stayed with the supplies would receive the same amount as those who went to the battle received.
There is a truth found in this story from 1 Samuel 30: We are not all gifted with the same abilities. Some of these men were stronger and more resilient, but in the end it was the Lord who gave them the victory. It wasn’t as if the men left behind did nothing. Some today have more talents or abilities, some have more energy or higher IQs, but the fact is we are expected to be faithful to use what God has given us.
Another truth is that the more you are gifted, more will be expected out of you. When as Christians we receive our rewards at the end of this life, they will be based upon what we did with what we had.
Also, some look at themselves as more important than others because of their gifts, when the truth is we are all important. We will be judged according to our faithfulness in using the gifts we have been given. So the big question is, are you using the gifts God has given you for his honor and praise?

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