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Make choices that lead to God
Brad Butler
Pastor Brad Butler, First Baptist Church, Pembroke

When I recently went to the eye doctor, he recommended that I get glasses. I have to admit that I am not excited about the idea.

I started wearing glasses at age 6 and contact lenses at age 13. Around age 40, my eyes became irritated after two or three hours of the contacts, so I went back to glasses. Then at age 48, I had eye surgery, giving me the ability to read and to see at distances without any assistance.

It was so very exciting. I have deeply enjoyed the freedom of not wearing glasses. I don’t want to go back.

I have a couple of options. I could go back and have a tuneup on the surgery. But that is a little frightening. There is something about lasers cutting on your eyes that will make you hesitate. So I’m not sure I will go that route.

The second option is to do nothing, but that means I cannot see as well as I could just a year ago. And the third option is to return to wearing glasses.

Do you find yourself having to make difficult choices in life? Decisions are inevitable to anyone who is truly living. Sometimes, the choice is so obvious that you cannot miss it. But there are other times when you are torn and not sure what to do.

I would like to remind you that the Lord is on the side of those who love him and trust him. He would like to guide you to make good decisions — to choose wisely. But in order to hear his voice, you have to be listening. You have to be spiritually aware. You have to want to follow.

I’ve seen my share of people who make bad decisions. Some have been mere mistakes, while others been have life-altering, life-destroying choices.

The truth is that God can and will forgive any bad decision you make if you seek him after the fact. But you might still have to live with the consequences of that choice.

I want to challenge you to avoid that wrong choice. If you are a child of God, you know right from wrong. Make the choices that lead to God’s blessings.

The Lord spoke to the people of Israel through Joshua with one of the strongest challenges in the Old Testament when he said, “Choose life and live.” Could it be any simpler than that? “Choose life and live” — that is my prayer for you and me.

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