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Let the good book change you
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I have taken a different approach to my morning devotions this year.
In addition to the Bible, I am reading a book entitled, “His Miracles.” It is a collection of brief articles written by a host of well-known believers in response to the many miraculous acts of Jesus. Authors as varied as St. Augustine and Max Lucado share their thoughts about the things Jesus did.
I do not share that with you to tell you to follow my example. But I do want to remind you of something very important. If you are a Christ-follower, you need a time each day set aside to pray and to read from God’s word. It does not matter how young or old you are, these times are essential for your faith to mature.
I remember when I learned this important truth. My pastor challenged me to read through the Bible in 1976. I started on Jan. 1 that year and completed my first journey through God’s great book on Dec. 31.
It was through my reading of the Bible that God captured my heart and directed me on the path that led me to become a pastor. He spoke so very clearly during that year that I was ready to follow him, wherever he would lead.
I have had some people say, “Well, that’s great. But I don’t want to be a pastor, so I’m not reading the Bible.” But that’s just it. God is not calling all of us to become pastors. He is calling all of us to become obedient. And he uses his written word to teach us what that means.
Reading the Bible regularly is simply a fundamental aspect of the Christian life. It is as important to your spiritual life as oxygen and water are to your physical life. You cannot thrive as a child of God without regularly conversing with him in prayer, and listening to him in his word.
God has been so gracious to speak to us through the Bible, and yet we take it for granted. There are Christians in other parts of the world who have to share one Bible with their fellow church members. They tear the pages out of the one Bible owned by the church and and pass them around, sharing with every member. While they have a section, they read it, memorize it and cherish it. Then they seek to live by its principles.
Most of us have multiple Bibles in our homes and access to others through a variety of means. And yet, we too often neglect it. May I encourage you to read your Bible each day? I promise you this. If you do so, God will use that word to change your life for the better.
Do you want that better life? You can find it in the Bible.

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