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Lessons from Vick
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In the last few months Michael Vick, the Atlanta Falcons star quarterback, has gone from a sports hero to a distaste in many people’s mouths. He had been accused of participating in the horrible sport of dog fighting. At first he denied that he was involved at all but recently has agreed to pleading guilty.

This leads me to my first point; there are many who deny that they have sinned and are in need of help and forgiveness. In the Christian faith this help comes in the form of a Savior, Jesus Christ, who came not only to forgive sin but to help people change and have a new life.

Another lesson is that like Michael well knows, your sins will find you out. People think that they can get by with living a lie and that no one will ever notice or find out. One thing we know is that God can see what you are doing.

We also need to understand that with wrong doing comes consequences that can bring about great loss in our lives. Michael Vick had recently signed a 130 million dollar contract most of which will be forfeited, plus endorsement deals which will go down the drain.

For some, the loss involves relationships while with others it will mean the loss of freedom (Michael is still waiting to see if this will apply to him) and if we are talking about eternity it can mean the loss of heaven and eternal life.

The secret to a godly life and a life filled with wise decisions is to be committed to follow the one who set for us the example of how life should be lived; Jesus Christ, and allow His Spirit to be our guide.


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