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Learn from the eagle
In the pulpit
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God has put His personal touch in every part of His creation. All creation exhibits His handiwork. Man is the most beautiful and precious of God’s creations. God gave man a soul, awareness, reasoning and abilities. He also gave man his own will.
Animals exhibit God’s handiwork in different ways. God gave them instincts that govern their behavior. Sometimes animals display their understanding of life when men often miss the mark.
Isaiah wrote, “The ox knoweth his owner and the ass his master’s crib: but Israel (God’s people) doth not consider.”
We should take special note that we can learn much from the animal world. Please take a few minutes and “learn from the eagle.”
We never think of the eagle in terms of defeat, but only in terms of victory. Not only our country, the United States of America, but other nations have used the eagle to symbolize strength, imperial power and war. It has been said that Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the turkey the U.S. national bird. He said, “The turkey was a more noble bird than the eagle.”
Can you imagine the humor and ridicule our nation would endure considering how we now look at the turkey. It may be more noble, but the turkey is not a symbol of victory. The eagle symbolizes strength and victory. So let us “learn from the eagle.”
Job, in 39:27-30, gives us a lesson on the habits of the eagle that we should take note of. Does the eagle mount up at your command? God has put an instinct in the eagle to allow him to soar above the highest heights and nest above the rocks. He moves at the command of God. I believe God also has given his people the ability to soar and to live above their adverse circumstances.
Even Isaiah joins Job with this sentiment. He says, “… they that wait upon the Lord … shall mount up with wings as eagles.” Halleluiah! The eagle abides in a strong place. What a joy to know that we also abide in a strong place, for as Paul said, “My life is hide with God in Christ.”
We can be assured that nothing will ever be able to come against us as long as we put our trust in God. Jesus reminded us and His disciples of security that we have Christ when He said, “No one shall be able to remove you from my father’s hand.”
We can “learn from the eagle.” As the people of God, when we listen and obey the word of God, our spiritual dwelling and abiding will be like the eagle’s — victory, power, strength and gladness. God desires to be our refuge in trouble, our bridge over troubled waters and peace in the time of confusion. My friends, “learn from the eagle” and just give it all to Jesus.

Lockett is the pastor of Pillar In Zion Church.
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