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Jesus is the way to prepare for the end
pastor corner

In a lot of movies, the words “The End” appear after the last scene, signifying that the movie is over.
The Bible also refers to a time in history that can be described as “The End.” Also, for most of humanity, there has been and will be an end to this Earthly life. In the biblical book of Jeremiah, there is an important question that simply asks, “What will you do in the end?” All of us will face God one day, and we will do one of two things when the end comes. We either will mourn or rejoice.
If we have made preparation to meet our heavenly Father, then we will be glad because we realize what eternity has in store for us. But if we haven’t, then we will regret the day we were born, knowing again what eternity has in store for us.
The Bible teaches us that the way to prepare is by deciding to be a follower of Jesus Christ. He will forgive us from our sins and give us peace, assurance and the promise of eternal life. The great news is that every human being has an invitation to be his follower and can know what they will do in the end.

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