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Is guilt going unpunished
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This week a lot of people were glued to the TV screen or the internet or were listening to the radio awaiting the verdict of the Casey Anthony trial.
I was in the doctor’s office full of people and was witness to a vast majority of them gasping in disbelief. I heard the news later that evening and read the responses on the internet and found that most of those who were questioned responded in disbelief and were appalled.
I will be the first to admit that I am not an expert, nor am I God. So I cannot say with absolute certainty that Casey killed her child even though in my opinion the evidence and case against her was pretty solid. I cannot judge the jury because I was not behind closed doors to hear the discussion or the instruction they were given.
For those who think that there is no doubt that she is guilty, there may be the feeling that the guilty in this case is going to go unpunished. The scripture addresses this issue in Psalms 37, where David says we should not be envious of evil people who prosper.
He says to stop being angry and don’t fret or worry; bitterness leads to only harm you. After a while those who do evil will disappear and their day of judgment will come and in the end those who trust in the Lord will prosper.
What I think the scripture is saying is that those who commit evil and are acquitted and seem to get away with it will one day face the judgment of God. Those who seem to be punished even though they are innocent will one day be rewarded for eternity by this same God.
I think with a lot of areas of life we need to just put our faith in our heavenly Father who sees and knows all, and justice will be served. God knows whether Casey Anthony is innocent or guilty, and one thing we do know is that God loves her and sent his Son to die for her sins.
We do need to pray for her that she and her family will find the hope, peace and forgiveness that are found in Christ.

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