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How to meet people's needs
pastor corner

There is a story in Matthew 14 about Jesus feeding the 5,000.

He is preaching and it is getting late, past dinner time. The problem is that they are in a remote place where there is nowhere to buy food, and the people are hungry.

Jesus’ disciples suggested that he send the people away so that they can travel a ways off to try to buy food. Jesus had another idea. He commanded that they had the responsibility of meeting the people’s needs. Even though their resources were limited — five loaves of bread and two fish — they soon realized that they would have to depend on God’s resources that would be available to them.

The end result was that the Lord multiplied the bread and fish, and the people’s needs were met.

There are some lessons here for us to learn:

1. There always are people with needs around us.

2. We need to understand that we must take responsibility for those needs as churches and individuals. Our feelings are that they should take care of their own problems.

3. God has always chosen to work his miracles through his followers.

4. We have limited resources.

5. People’s needs can be met when we lead them to Jesus, who has unlimited resources.

6. The ultimate goal is that they choose to follow Jesus, who desires to meet all of their needs.

What do we need to do? Find a need and fill it.

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