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High IQ
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Recently I read an article about a 2 year old girl with an IQ of 152 and they say she is a genius. She has been invited to come on television shows and has been interviewed by scores of reporters. The sad thing is that she may never be able to live a normal life with so much attention. This capability however will open up doors of opportunity. There are certain educational and career opportunities that are only open to the select few. Her chances of earning a higher salary will be far above the norm. There are advantages of being so smart.

There is one area where I know she will not have an advantage, however. Her high IQ will not put her in a better standing with God. She was born a sinner just as much as all of us were. The truth is that we don’t have to have a high IQ in order to get right with our maker. We just have to be able to understand that we are sinners in need of forgiveness. We have to understand that God and heaven is on one side and we are on the other side and that there is a great gulf between us that keeps us from getting to the other side. We also have to understand that the only way to get across the great gulf is by making a decision to be a follower of Jesus Christ. He offers us forgiveness, peace and a guaranteed access to heaven. He allows us to escape a life without purpose and an eternity in a place called hell.

The problem that most people have concerning not accepting Christ is not their IQ but an unwillingness to surrender their lives to a God who loves them. What will you do with this one called Christ?

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