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Grateful to have eyes that see the work of God
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I had something done recently that has already changed my life in many ways. I had laser eye surgery.

I wasn’t a candidate for Lasik, so they did something called "PRK." I don’t understand all the differences. All I know is that I am able to see without glasses, and I am glad.

I started wearing glasses at the age of six in 1st grade. I moved to contact lenses at the age of 13, and wore them for 27 years.

But my eyes became too dry, and I had to return to glasses full time.

I hated that. Any exercise involved fogged up glasses, dirty glasses and the constant sliding up and down the nose. When I would wake up I would have to squint in order to see the alarm clock. And I couldn’t even watch TV without my glasses, or I would get a headache.

And now I can see! I can see when I wake up. I can see when I’m reading. I can even see as my golf ball goes flying into the woods or the lake. What a blessing, huh?

I am reminded that one of the things that Jesus did often during His earthly ministry was to give sight to the blind.

These healings meant the world to those affected.

But there was also something highly symbolic and significant about these healings.

Jesus said on more than one occasion, "Let him who has eyes to see, see." The Lord Jesus knew that we can turn a blind eye to the One who created us and sustains us day by day. He knew that we are capable to looking right into the face of God and ignoring Him at every step.

What do you see in a sunset? What do you see when you watch the waves of the ocean rise and fall? What do you see when you see a tiny baby wiggle and squirm?

Each of these things, along with so many more, offers evidence of the presence and purpose of God in this world. But you need eyes to see.

I am so glad that I can see now without the aid of glasses or contacts. But I am even more grateful that I can see the work of God in this world. He is so good to His people.

Do you see it?

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