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God is with you even when you doubt
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pastor corner

I must make a confession to you. I have had times of great doubt in my life. It has come as a result of my own foolishness. It has come when I have felt that God was not answering my prayers.

But let there be no doubt about this. Doubt has been real and overwhelming. It has caused me to question, not just the goodness of God, but also his very reality.

That’s why the following story has made such an impact on me. I read it in "Room for Doubt," a book by author and pastor Ben Young.

There was a 14-year-old girl who had recently lost her battle with cancer. Her parents were going through her things when they picked up her journal. Written more than once in the pages was this phrase: "The moon is round."

They were curious as to the meaning of that odd statement. What could it mean? And why would she write it? Given that it was clearly meaningful to their daughter, they had to know.

Here it is: There are nights when you look up at the sky and you see a full moon. What a beautiful sight it is! But there are other times in the month when you see only a half moon, or a quarter moon, or even just a sliver. In fact, there are nights when the clouds or so thick, or even during an eclipse, that the moon is not visible at all. But you know this to be true: The moon is round. Even when you cannot see it, the moon is round.

In life there are those times when you cannot see God. You look, you pray, you sing, and yet God seems to have disappeared altogether. No matter how hard you cry out to him you are not hearing back from him. He’s not answering your prayers. You’re not sure where to turn.

But then you remember this: God is always faithful. He is always good. He is always there. You, like Job and others before you, are struggling to believe. But he is there. In the words of one book title, "He is there, and he is not silent."

You see, the moon is round. And God is good. Are you struggling with doubt today? I have good news for you. The moon is round. Never forget that.

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