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God has the answer when things seem impossible
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My son and I stayed up this past Sunday evening and watched the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots play football.
The winner would have the right to play in the Super Bowl on Feb. 4 in Miami.
In the first half it was all New England as they racked up a 21-6 lead; at one time it was 21-3. No team in NFL history had ever came back and won after falling that far behind.
I was raised about 25 miles south of Indianapolis so I have been a Colts fan ever since they moved the team from Baltimore to Indy. 
I will admit that I almost gave up on them at half-time and didn’t really expect to see what happened in the second half; it looked like an impossibility. They did come back and win it by a score of 38-34 and will play in the Super Bowl.
By the way I was happy to hear the coach and the owner of the team give God all the credit.
 As we go through life we face similar situations, that outside of a miracle the outcome would be bleak. The scriptures tell us that we can serve a God of which nothing is too hard for Him to do.
It also says that with mankind many things are impossible but with God all things are possible. Some may experience some illness where they are told that there is no hope for healing, but if it is God’s will He can bring healing. Some may be involved in a relationship that has been broken and it looks like there is no way it can be mended, but God can bring peace and healing to even broken relationships.
Some may be in bondage to some addiction and deliverance may be out of sight, but God can bring freedom from any kind of bondage. Some may be way over their heads financially but through good money management and the Lord’s wisdom financial freedom can be experienced. Finally and most importantly, some may be living a life apart from God’s forgiveness and may see little chance of a changed life but God desires to work a miracle in your life and will forgive and forget all of your past life if you will confess and believe. No matter what your situation is or what predicament you find yourself in God has an answer.
Remember He is a God of miracles.
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