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Find your place
pastor corner

By the time most of you read this, it will be Wednesday evening, the night before Thanksgiving.

Many of you will not return to work until next Monday. Some of you will brave the crowds at the malls on Black Friday, helping to pump up the American economy. Others will go into food comas and pretend to watch football with your eyes closed.

I hope that you will have the chance to spend time with family. One of the greatest gifts that God gave us is the family. Now, having said that, I am aware that not all families seem to be, "made in heaven." I know that fathers and mothers and sisters and brothers can do hurtful things to each other.

That was not God’s plan. The family was his first creation. He gave Eve to Adam because she was a good fit for him. They had children who reflected both their image and the image of God. But they messed up, and we have been paying the price since that time.

Very often I refer to the church as the family of God. I believe that is a good analogy. Many of you need that family now more than ever.

I want to encourage you to do something. Be sure to find your place in your church family. If you currently do not attend, look for a church home. I know that there are no perfect churches. But you’re not perfect either.

I know that churches make mistakes. But remember this. Jesus built the church. He refers to the church as his bride. It belongs to him, and he wants us to find a place where we can serve him alongside others.

I recently asked a dear friend where he was attending church these days. (He lives in metro Atlanta). His response broke my heart. He said he had not been in a church in years because of what he called, "church politics."

Again, I know that no church is exactly what God wants it to be. But I believe God blesses his church. I believe he wants us involved.

Let me tell you a secret. Just like families, churches are often on their best behavior in the Christmas season. We share great music and do our best to point you to Jesus. Now is a good time to find your place in God’s family.

Ask God to guide you to that place where you can best serve him. You will be glad that you did.

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