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Everyone has an impact, make yours positive
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Many of you I’m sure have seen the movie, “It’s a wonderful life,” where the main character makes the statement, “I wish I’d never been born!” An angel allows him to see what the world around him would be like if indeed he had never been born. In his case he had been such a positive influence to those around him that the world was a better place because he was born.
 If we look through history we will find people that made a big difference because they were born; both for the positive and the negative. Jesus Christ made the biggest positive difference; his impact was felt during his life here on earth and is still making a difference in lives today. Billy Graham, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., and John Wesley are just a few who impacted the society around them while they lived here on this earth for the good. They pointed people to God and preached justice and compassion. There are also others who have made a negative impact in the world. Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro, Osama Bin Laden, Joseph Stalin are just a few who come to mind. Charles Darwin and his evolution theory and I did say theory, undermined the very foundation of the Judea-Christian faith. Our faith starts at the book of Genesis where God created the heavens and the earth and all that is in them. If these men had not been born, this world would be a better place. Let’s not forget Satan himself who is ever tempting mankind to make the wrong choices and do wrong.
The truth is that each one of us will leave this world we live in either a better place or a worst place because of the lives we live.
I am convinced that if we read God’s word, the Bible, and it’s teachings and we do what it tells us to do, we will leave this world a better place.
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