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Can you handle what is coming?
Pastor's corner
pastor corner

As we stand in the middle of this year, many things have transpired, and many people have come and gone.

Not everyone’s testimony is the same about this year so far. There are some who will tell you if things get any better, "I don’t know what I will do." But then there are those who tell you, "I can’t wait for things to get better." No matter which place you find yourself on the spectrum, God has not given you all, and he has not forgotten about anyone.

I am under the persuasion that there is always a side of God that we haven’t seen, a move of God we haven’t experienced and an encounter with him that hasn’t happen yet. I believe even while we are sleeping, God is dealing with the heart of the kings. He is changing plans, changing positions, so that we, his children, will be in place.

I believe that there are a lot of movements taking place for the body of Christ, and we don’t have time to get ready, we have to be ready. We are leaving too much on the table; we are mishandling what we should be qualified to handle.

Just to encourage someone right quick, God is making connections to keep you in the game. He has a plan to upscale you and manifest your wildest dream. I still believe that dreams come true in the kingdom.

Speaking of dreams, just like it was for Joseph, so shall it be for you. Joseph had a dream that he told his brothers about, but his brothers developed hatred against him. They disliked their brother because of his favor and his dreams.

You can never truly tell what it is that makes others develop hatred against you. All Joseph knew was that he was just sharing his good news, sharing his dream. What Joseph found out, and what some of us will find out, is not everyone can handle what is about to come.

His brothers were so bent by his dreams, they decided to do away with him. How many times have you been assassinated by other people about something God gave you, showed you and ordained you to carry out? We might as well face the music; not everyone is going to celebrate our arrival.

There is no time waiting on others to show up to value you. Jesus already put value on you when he went to Calvary. His dying and resurrection put value on you.

Joseph went through various changes in order to get where he dreams said he would be. Keep your dreams alive, they shall come to pass.

I know we are facing some difficult times, and it seems like there are more pieces to the puzzle than should be, but hold on. Help is on the way, if you can just wait patiently on the Lord.

A lot of things are being debated. Many lives are being affected. Yet the question still remains: Can you handle what is about to come? Someone’s response might be, "Well, I don’t know if I can because I don’t know what is coming." If you don’t know or don’t have an idea, maybe it is because you aren’t spending enough time with the King. He gives instructions and directions to those who spend time with him.

He won’t leave his children in the dark about what he desires to do for them. He wants to blow our mind with the things he wants to show and give us. Like it was for Abraham and Sarah, he wants to bless us so much that we will have to call ourselves "blessed" or accept it with laughter.

Yes, I believe the body of Christ is being set up for a mighty move of God, victories without stressing and hassles. He is causing the enemy to turn on himself. You may have had hard days thus far, but your good days are on the way. Some may have walked away from you, but God has someone else prepared to walk in to help you get to that next dimension. When they come, can you handle what is about to come?

Frasier is the pastor of New Dimensions Christian Fellowship and a member of the United Ministerial Alliance.

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