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Benefit from message of hope
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The Bible is full of stories that bring hope to our lives.
When people do not allow the message of hope to influence their conduct, they live as though there is no truth in the Bible.
The lack of faith offers no hope of eternal life and no alarm to the threatened danger of eternal death.
Life lived outside the command of God does not benefit from the message of hope.
The prophet Jeremiah’s mission was to call Judah to submit to discipline from the Lord. He addressed rebellious people in a time of national peril.
God told Jeremiah to break the bottle in the sight of the men that go with him. Once broken, the bottle could not be repaired (Jeremiah 19:10-11).
 When God shattered the nation, that generation never could be restored to the land. Earlier, at the potter’s house, Jeremiah had been given a message of hope. (Jeremiah 18)
God would not inflict on Judah the disaster pronounced if the people would repent and reform. The people’s response was a refusal to try.
It is important to respond affirmatively to God’s offer of forgiveness and renewal while there’s still time.
The prophet spoke to these people with a message of hope, but they rejected it. That generation experienced punishment for sin.
God says, “This is what I will do.” In time, another generation would be returned to the Promised Land and know the fullness of the blessing God desired to pour out on the exiles.
The people torn from Judah had placed their trust in idols. They were called to return to God and trust Him and His covenants.
The epistle of 1st Peter encourages believers to stand strong, reminding them of Christ’s example, the riches of their inheritance in Him and the hope of His return to take them to heaven.
He explained how Christians should respond when they suffer because of their beliefs.
Peter’s primary message is to trust the Lord, live obediently regardless of your circumstances and keep your hope fixed on God’s promise of deliverance.
The message of hope persuades us not to be content with just the knowledge or the admiration of its teaching.
We are to listen to the message given from God by the Holy Spirit and really carry out what God would have us do. How, then, can we escape judgment if we neglect the message of an eternal salvation?
The biblical message of hope is not in its detection of sin but its revelation of the remedy. 
A Gospel message of hope not only must position Christ as Savior, but it also must magnify Him, glorify Him, dwell upon His “unsearchable riches” and widen our knowledge in application to every need of man.
The church in her mission is neither rebellious nor destructively radical.
The power to change takes place within the hearts of men.
Disagreements that customarily follow the Gospel message are the outgrowth of personal transformation.
With the Gospel comes a recovery of the message of hope.

Ayala is the pastor of Christ Tabernacle of Faith Church and a member of the United Ministerial Alliance.

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