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Be remembered for good things
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Just this week we've had to put away the old calendar for a new one; can you believe it's already 2013?

It's not just any ol’ 2013 but 2013 A.D. These are letters abbreviating a Greek phrase meaning "the year of our Lord." On the other side of history are the letters B.C., which means "before Christ.” This split in history is marked by a man's name — not just any man, but the God- man Jesus Christ. In most places of the world his birth was celebrated, and someone had to be thought of a whole bunch in order for his birth and life to mean so much.

Sometimes names get recognition for just being popular. Just think, what has Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton ever done that so many people know their names? Some names are popular because of doing the wrong things, like John Dillinger or Jesse James and, more up to date, Timothy McVeigh, Osama bin Ladin and Adam Lanza. And, yes, some deserve honor and thus have their names brought up in the public like Billy Graham, Mother Teresa and, in our area, the likes of Jimmy Burnsed and Carlton Gill.

The truth is, we will all be remembered for something. Jesus Christ was remembered for being a great teacher, healer and the savior of the world.

The great question is, what will people think of when your name comes up? Or will it come up at all?

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