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Be a true doer of God's word
pastor corner

Do you remember the Nike advertising campaign, "Just do it?"

Certainly you do. Michael Jordan was the famous spokesman, and his persona fit perfectly. He was a man of few words, but was quick to act. On the basketball court he was one who could be counted on to "just do it," as he led the Bulls to six NBA titles.

I have been preaching recently through James, chapter 1, and perhaps the most famous verse in that chapter reads, "Be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves."

I’ve often wondered about that final phrase in that verse, "deceiving yourselves." Why is it found there, following the idea of being a doer?

The fact is that self-deception is the easiest kind of deception. Everyone in the room can see the spinach between my teeth. I just keep smiling. And everyone in the room (or on social media) knows that I have made a fool of myself while I remain self-satisfied, believing I have won the fight.

Why do I so easily fool myself? And you should be asking the same question about yourself. Have you ever wondered why your picture always looks strange to you? Not necessarily bad. Just wrong.

Well, consider that when you view the mirror, you are seeing a reflection. It is backwards to what everyone else sees. But when you see your picture, you are getting a truer look. You are seeing what others see. Knowing that can help, but it is also true in the spiritual realm of life.

I can easily overlook my own faults while spotting yours from miles away. Jesus said we overlook the log in our own eyes while making fun of the person with a speck of dust in hers. And he made it clear that was a problem.

I want you to be a doer of the word. That will require that you take an honest look, and make an honest assessment of who you really are. That’s neither an easy task nor a fun assignment. But it is essential for you to become whom God intends for you to be.

I pray that you will do what is necessary to become a true doer of the word.

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