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Ask for forgiveness
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Some people think that because they have lived such a wild or evil life in their past that God will never be able to forgive them. They think because they have chosen a certain lifestyle that God may be too offended. The sad thing about all this is that we Christians seem to insinuate this misconception when we refer to certain sins or sinners. Salvation was available to persons such as Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Charles Manson, Timothy McVay, and Jeffrey Dahmer. No matter who you could think of and no matter what their sin was, complete forgiveness is available to. Sometimes we may not want certain people to receive forgiveness because of personal reasons; we have been on the receiving end of their sin. Sometimes we are not willing to forgive them so we definitely don’t want God to forgive them.

In scripture we find statements from the Apostle Paul about himself that aught to give us all hope. He described himself as the least of all God’s people because of his past sinful life and he even said he was the worst of all sinners probably for the same reason. One thing we have to realize though is that forgiveness doesn’t automatically take place in everyone’s life. Forgiveness and salvation only come when we humble ourselves before God and admit our sinfulness, confess those sins and trust Christ as our savior. We also need to understand that we were all born sinners, all are in need of a savior and in need of salvation and the forgiveness of our sins. Outside of the love and mercy of God we all would be headed to a future life of torment and misery.

If you are reading this and feel like you are too bad or have done too many bad things I hope you will realize that God is reaching out to you and is eager to forgive you and to give you a brand new life. If you are struggling with the desire to see certain people saved then ask God to bring forgiveness and healing into your life, for none of us is really worthy.

- by Steve Lane, pastor of

New Beginnings Community Church

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