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A reward to look forward to
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A few weeks ago I started walking/running in the mornings, mainly for health reasons. It has been hard to be consistent so I only do this activity a few days a week.
A few years ago when I ran it was fun and it felt good, now it isn't fun and I feel like I have been beaten by a big stick.
A lot of times when I run I take so many steps and then I walk a few steps then run so many steps again. For instance, this morning I started running 500 steps then I would walk 100 steps and keep up this pace until I finished my 4 miles.
As I was running my 500 steps I kept telling myself that after I finished them that my break of 100 steps was coming up.
This is the way life is, we need some motivation in order to keep going. This happens to the average worker who looks forward to TGIF, knowing that there is a break from their weeks work.
God understood this as well when He gave the commandment of the Sabbath Day, knowing that His creation needed a time of rest for the body as well as the mind. All of life is not bad as God provides us with times of blessing but there are times that we need doses of motivation.
In the long haul we Christians have the motivation of heaven as we live out our life in a sinful and unfair world with all of it's challenges.
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