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5 ways sacred music can heal you
Music therapy is a well established means to heal our body. Learn how sacred hymns can actually heal our soul. - photo by Tiffany Fletcher
"Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul." Unknown

Music therapy has been around for years. Studies prove music aids depression, pain management, insomnia, anxiety, brain inactivity, high blood pressure, memory loss and many other medical difficulties.

If music heals our bodies, perhaps it also can heal our souls.

Here are five ways sacred music or hymns heal you.

1. Love

Playing hymns that teach love help you overcome anger and open your heart to forgiveness and healing.

When you focus on the words and turn your thoughts to those who you want to love more fully, the music flows to your heart and opens it up in love toward them. You overcome anger and live in a place of love and acceptance.

2. Cheerfulness

Cheerful hymns help you overcome depression and lift you up to a higher place of living.

As you sing His praises and focus on the words, you strengthen your ability to believe. Upbeat and cheerful hymns give you confidence not only in yourself but also in Jesus and His ability to rescue you. You can find joy even in hardship.

3. Strength

Playing hymns about God and Jesus helps you feel close to them. You feel their love for you in a profound way.

It strengthens your faith in God and the promises He has made you. It strengthens your determination to serve Him and to do what whatever He asks with confidence. It helps you overcome doubt and walk fearlessly, performing miracles in His name.

4. Light

Any divinely inspired song helps you overcome darkness and bring light into your life.

These songs become a form of protection to you and your family because darkness cannot live in a place of light. As you fill your home with light, you fill your soul with light.

5. Unity

When we sing hymns as a congregation or family, it unifies our hearts and minds, much like prayer unites us.

Sacred hymns are prayers put to music, and every voice added to the singing provides extra strength to the prayers. Combined voices and faith work mighty miracles. Singing together heals relationships and strengthens families.

Music heals. Recognize all the profound benefits that come from singing sacred hymns. They will lift your heart, lighten your mind and rescue your soul. The sacred music will flow through your heart and mind and lift you to a higher spiritual plane where your soul can find peace and rest.
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