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Laniers celebrate 50th anniversary
Truman and Jackie Lanier now.
Scarlett Lanier of Pembroke wrote the following in honor of her parent's 50th wedding annniversary, which is today: "The purest love that can be given is the love of parents.  My parents, Truman and Jackie Lanier, have been married for 50 years. They were married on June 19, 1960. Daddy and mama were young when they married and did many hard working jobs together to make ends meet. They worked in tobacco fields until daddy got a job, with the local union 709, ironworking. After he made his first check of $157, he went straight to the field and literally picked mama up and told her that she would never work again.
"Years later, in 1967, they adopted their first son, Mark, because the doctors told mama that she could never have any children. Then they adopted me in 1969. They gave us a great life. In 1973, mama got sick, daddy took her to the hospital where the doctors announce that mama was pregnant. She went on to have Avery and then Melody in 1975. As daddy worked hard, driving 4 hours a day to and from work, mama made our house a home. She harvested the garden and kept house. Mama fell sick with a brain tumor and daddy stayed by her side. Daddy then had found out he had cancer, and of course, mama was right there for him. Years after that, 1995, they adopted Paige. Now, they have six grand kids that they spoil rotten. They still have a lot of love to give.
"Through all the years, I have never known any other couple that have supported each other as much as my parents. They are both now retired and enjoying life in their Pembroke home and will be celebrating their 50 years together at their home with a small get together with family and friends on Saturday.
There are so many other stories that I could tell you about my parents, but there aren't enough pages to cover it. I am truly thankful to have such loving parents who have supported me though out my life."

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