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All I want for Christmas ...
Letters to Santa: Richmond Hill Elementary
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Students across the county wrote down their Christmas wishes for Santa Claus. To make sure he knows what they want, the Bryan County News is going to help deliver their messages as quickly as possible. The following letters are from third-graders at Richmond Hill Elementary School. (Letters are printed as written):

Dear Santa,
How do you give all those kids presents in one night? Please right back, anyways I am making the family presents and I am trying to say the nicest words. I also have played with the grand kids like crazy, so basically I am trying to be nice.
What I would like for cristmas are three things, night vision, a sound recorder, and a video camera. Oh, I almost forgot, a flash light and cast stuff, thats all.
And by the way I would like to have night vision SO! much, so I promis to do my best to be good. So … MERRY CRISTMAS!!!!!
Yours truly, Rylan

Dear Santa,
How are you? I hope that your elves are very hardworking this year! I have been nice to my brother, and done my chores. I do what my mother says. I’ve also been good in school.
I’d really like some multiplayer wii games, so that my brother Evan and I can play together. I’d love to have an electronic battleship game, so the family can play together. I’d like for you to get my brother an electronic bank, because the bank he has doesn’t let him take out his money. Last but not least, I’d like to have the whole book series of Percy Jackson and Redwall.
I thank you very much for taking notice of my letter. I hope all kids get what they want this year!
Yours truly, Ryan

Dear Santa Claus,
How are you? Is your wife O.K.? I have been very very good this year. I have done my chores and helped lots of people. I don’t want to put to much pressure on you, so I’m only asking for 5 gifts. I want a 3DSxL and 90,000,0005 bucks and a free year suply of ever lasting flavored bubble gum and a trip to Hawaii and finally a highly power jet pack. Hopefully it’s not to much pressure. If it is don’t push you or the elves to much. Even if you can’t I’ll still have a little surprise for you.
Your’s truly,

Dear Santa Claus,
How are you doing? I just wanted to inform you about what I am doing this year. I am going to give Mia (My three year old next-door-neighbor) my old toy horse. I’m also going to give my old stuffed animals to Goodwill. I’m always helping my parents and family and do all my chores. All I want for Christmas is to be with my family and a science kit. Thank you for your time and pactience.
P.S. I’ll leave an extra cookie ;)
Yours Truly,
Savannah Legg

Dear Santa,
I have tons of questions but I’m just going to go with this … I’ve been working hard in school and seek. Plus, I have been reading books with at least 300 pages and made it into chorus! I’m kind of lonely sometimes other than my super duper anoying brother Jake. My elf on the shelf finally came. I thought it would never come.
It would be nice to have a new scooter and a million bucks along with a trampoleen, an 800 story house and a jet ski. Oh and the one thing I want the most, my family (except Jake).
Thats all I want you to know for now. All I can say now is merry christmas.
your old pal

Dear Santa Claus,
I thank you for giving me presents the year before now, and I hope you give me presents this year please. I have been a good boy this year because I play with my brothers, I help my Mom and Dad if they need things. I help people when they are hurt. I teach people to be nice to each other and teach people about God.
Would you please bring me football cards, airsoft, and Lego sets for cristmas.
Thank you for giving presents to the children of the world.
your friend,

Dear Santa,
How have you been! How are you’re reindeer? I have an elf on the shelf named Rolphie. He is now talking Kit my American girl doll.
I have been a good girl this year. I have folded Laundry, taken out the trash, and listend.
Not to Pressure You but all I want For Christmas is 3 things... I want an Ipad, Mcenna American girl doll, and Fur real Friends Baby Butterschotch.
May your days be Merry and Bright.

Dear Santa,
My name is Pete. I deserve some presents because I always do my homework, even though it makes me tired after I’m finished. I also do the chores that my mom and dad tell me to do.
I don’t want to make you tired so I will list down only two items. Skylanders Giants starter pack and the Battleship game.
I hope this letter didn’t tire you out. Please send me gifts.

Dear Santa Claus,
How are you doing? I hope you’re doing fine! I should get presents because I’ve been doing stuff to make me get on the “Nice List,” like watching my little sister, Alea, and helping my grandma.
I’m not asking for much this year but I’d like to get a bell for my bike, a LaLaLoopsy doll, and an “Art Kit”!
Thank You for getting me things I want each year. I’ll also try to go to sleep extra early on Christmas Eve!
Yours Truly,

Dear Santa,
Hello, My name is Helena. What I think I have done to be good is help out whith feeding the animals. I don’t want 1,000,000 presents. But what I do want is a golf cart (Whith a Seat in the back, also) for my whole family. And a Chidren’s Guitar. For my Sister, a 3DS. So I hope this is not to hard for you handle. Merry Christmas!

Dear Santa,
How are coming along?
I want to give things to others like you do this year. I have been doing my work like I am supposed to. I will try to bring my seek papers back by this after noon when I come back.
If I have been good enough, please bring me a set of bonos, some water color pencils, and maybe some swiming stuff too.
Thank you for understanding my leter I will see you at Christmas!

Dear Santa Claus,
How have you been? I wanted to tell you that I have been very good this year. There will be lots of milk and cookies for you. Please do not skip my house this year. Not saying that you ever did. And if you could give me some of your toy’s.
For Christmas if you could please give me a Kendle fire, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Third Wheel, and Exploders gun wich is pretty much a gun but with balls instead of bullets that bust open whenever they hit something, and an Exploders reload, and that’s it.
So please give me at least those four things, and I don’t care what else you give me.

Dear Santa Clause,
How are you? I am incredbly half normal and half excited. Well, at least I am normal though. Thease days, I’m trying to be nice to my friends and family. (Even the people who are being mean to me. They need some holiday sprit, too) It’s the holiday season! Lots of people need it! Everybody should be nice to each other! Not only because its the holiday season, people should be like that everyday! They’re just being extra nice because its the holiday season. I also trying to not fight with my brother. We fight like every hour!
This Christmas I want about 4,6, things. The top 3 from my list is a art kit I saw from Michel’s, some money about 25$ to 30$. And also a mood ring. The rest are art supplies and stuff like that. Also, a sewing kit. I love embroidery. Pretty much, that’s it! There are some other things I want but the things I really, really, want are thease things.
Thank you for knowing and reading this. Again, thank you!
Yours Truly,

Dear, Santa
Hi, how are you doing? I have been good all year. I haven’t complaned that much this year. I’ve focused all year on my school work and homework. Here’s my top five list of toys I want for Christmas. I want a Red or Aqua 3DSi XL Gamesystem, Sonic all-star racing transformed for 3DSi XL Gamesystem, Pok “e” mon cards, Pok “e” mon Games for 3DSi XL Gamesystem and a Flying Saucer. Thank you in advance for the presents this year.

Dear Santa,
It’s nearly Christmas and I’m hoping for you to come to my house. This year I’ve done many things nice, kind, and caring for people and charities. For a example I’ve asked you to give some of my presents to charity or a kid in need. I’ve also helped my mom and dad with the food pantry, toy drives, and food drives.
All I want for Christmas is a pair of chestnut hunter boots in a woman size 8, a Jr. Scientist set, and a Crazy Art Ultimate art set. I don’t need anything else.
Thank you for your time. See you on Decmember 25th. Oh yeah-say hi to Bricky the Elf for me.
Yours truly,
age 9

Dear Santa Claus,
Hello! How are you doing? Christmas is coming fast! Speaking of Christmas, I was wondering if I could get some gifts. I’ve been a good boy lately and I’ve been nice to my brother too! If I get gifts “thank you, Santa!
Here is a list of the top 5 things I want: Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz wii which is a game about a monkey who rides on a ball, collects bananas, and saves the world. I also want a 3DSi XL game console, a LEGO Ninjago: Ultra Sonic Radar toy, and Drogon-breath book #’s 6&7.
If you give me at least 1 gift thank, thank you, thank you! Bye Santa!

Dear Santa,
How have you been? My teacher says you and the Mrs. Went to Washington, D.C. on vacation. Did you have a good time? What did you do? My class did a project on posting you on a picture of D.C. to show you went there. My teacher said I did a really good job. In fact, I have done a lot of good things this year. For instance, I help out with my baby brother in the mornings, which is incredibly stressful.
What do I wish for, you ask? All I want is for you to visit the nice folks in the U.S.A. That is my wish (and maybe a few candy bars).
So, I told you about what good I’ve done, and what I’ve wished for (don’t forget the candy bars!), so all that’s left to say is: Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!

Dear Santa,
I hope you have had a nice year. As you know Holly has been wathing me. Please tell her I think she is the best elf on the shelf in the world! I think I should be on the good list because I am nice to everyone in my class even if I don’t like them very much. I’v been sharing a lot of my new beads with my little sister, also. I’m also helping my friend, Elise make Christmas presents for her family. What I really want for Christmas is an art set with colored pencils and paint. I would like a Kindle and some American Girl outfits too.
Please have a holly, jolly Christmas!

Dear Santa,
I have been extreimly good this year. You could even ask Henry and James my elf on the shelfs. I have been super nice and caring to all my friends. So will you please get me these things For christmas. First I want a IPad. It’s an electronic. 2nd I want a trampoline to bounce on. 3rd I want a hamster. That’s a small cute critter. 4th I want a chinchilla. Thats a long fuzzy critter. 5th Last but not Least I want a cute yorkie puppy.
So please Santa will you get me this stuff. I have been super Duper good. So pretty please with sugar on top. Please Please Please get me this stuff. I Love You. So show your Love back. Please?

Dear Santa Claus,
I hope you have had a great year. As you know, Elfie the Elf on the Shelf has been watching me. I am trying my hardest to be nice to my family.
I have been very nice to my mom and sister. I think I deserve gifts because I’m trying very hard to be nice to everybody I know. I hope to get great gifts.
The only thing I want this year is a Kindle Fire. The reason I want this is because all the other things I want are on this one tablet. I would like this gift badly.
In All I have told you all I want this year. Christmas Eve is coming soon. I hope you have a great ride on your sleigh.
P.S Tell Buddy the Elf I said Hi!

Dear santa, how have you been this summer? Now it is winter and I think I have been good While you were watching me I’ve made few mistakes The elf that you sent to my house has been watching me too. I hope he has good reports to you. I have also improved my grades. I have an A in every subject
I would appreciate it if you could get me and I pad. Thank you for reading my letter.
Yours truly,

Dear Santa,
How are you doing? I am deserving of these gifts because I have tried very hard on my tests and I have been nice to my brother. I always try to do my chores and homework on time.
For Christmas I would like a mini ipad, Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Third Wheel, the wii u game system, and an ipod touch.
I know your very busy but even if you only get one of these for me I’ll still love you.
Yours Truly,

Dear Santa Claus,
I hope you don’t get cold in the North Pole. Here are the two reasons why I have been such a good girl. One reason is because I help my mom do work. Another reason is because I’m helping my brother learn to talk.
The first thing I want is a Y Fliker. The second present I want are tickets for four to go all around India for my family. The third present I want are two Santa dollars. The fourth present I want is a golden retriever puppy. The last present I want is for my special ed brother to talk.
Santa I hope I can come to see you in real life. Make sure all the elves are working hard. I hope to see presents from you.

Dear Santa Claus,
How are you doing? How are the eleves and Mrs. Claus? I am doing just fine. I have been helping out at the Light House at my church this year. At the Light House we give food to people who do not have it.
For Christmas I would like a scooter. If I get one I would like it to be light green or bright yellow. If you can not make one in that color than it would be fine if it is pink. I would also like a tiny boxer puppy. Can I also have a elf. I know they are suppost to watch you and make sure you are good but it seems so cool to have an elf. I would also like 600 dollars prleas. Can I also have some red suspenders?
I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Dear Santa,
Hi, How are you doing?
I have been respectful for my parents. Can I tell you something? Well, one night when Ollie didn’t come he couldn’t get up because he had a gameboy that he couldn’t lift. That’s why he didn’t come.
How I’ve been respectful. When my parents told me to get a shower, I did. I also shared some of my stuff.
Hopefully you don’t think that I’m over bored with the things I want. 1. Clothes for my dog and size small 2. teacher things 3. baby clothes
Remember what I did!!!
Love, Madison

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Claus
How are your elfs? Well lets get back to you. I hope you our doing well. I want to tell you. How I was good all year. My bother gets on my nerves all the time. So I think “Santa” “Santa”! So thats how I was good.
I’m going to tell you something. I would love Just dance 4, lava lap, and a puppy.
Remember I have been good.

Dear Santa,
How are you doing? Hope your doing fine. I think I should get gifts this year because I have been doing my chores and have been being respectful to my parents. I have been nice to my brothers. Also I have been doing good in school.
I would like two things for Christmas. I would like a watch and a drawing pad. I would really like these for presents.
I hope you like my letter.

Dear Santa,
You must be really magic if you can go to everybodies house in on night. Anyways I have helped my grandma clean the floor, helped my mom wash her car, I have gave my mom and dad 20 dollars, and I have helped my mom rap some presents.
I don’t want to be hard on you but could I have some presents. could I have a BB gun, Privet jet. That’s all. Happy christmas.
love: Evan

Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Logan. To deserve Santa’s gifts I have helped everybody in my household. This is everybody in my family. so you can hear them all. My mom, dad, my brother Jaden, and my sisters Ava and Ella, then our dog Buca.
Five gifts I want for christmas are, a 3DSXL game sistem, the Wii game Skaylanders gaints, an I-pod 5, a Wii-U game sistem, and an DS game called Poptropic Adventrues.
Thats all I want for this year. Thank you for reading this letter.
sinceraly, Logan

Dear Mrs. Clause,
Cristmas is coming soon and this is my letter to you. I have been a very good girl this year. Why? One reason is that I have been helping my friend Abigal with her home work. Another reason is that I have been on green almost every day this year. Plus, I made SEEK and I’m doing good in it.
Now that I’ve told you reasons why I deserve presents here are the one I want: a 17 foot stuffed snake, a giant stuffed gummy bear, a docter’s kit, an elf (girl), and a ipod. No pressure!
Hop you like my letter!
— Ansley

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