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Your brush might be ruining your hair: know which type of brush is perfect for your hair type
Don't let your brush destroy your hair. - photo by Lindsey Miller
Ive used the same hairbrush from Target for as long as I can remember. I buy a new one every once in awhile when they get worn out, and I have three of them in my drawer right now because I love them so much.

But after doing a little research, I found out that there are certain brushes that are best for different hair types, and some can even cause damage to your locks if youre not careful. Your brush might be ruining your hair without you even knowing it.

Here are the best types of brushes for your hair type:

Plastic vent brush

Perfect for: Short haircuts and fine hair

What it does: According to Refinery29, this brush is awesome for short hair no longer than a bob. It has wide bristles that wont make your hair too fluffy, and it will give you the perfect style for your pixie. You can use it on wet or dry hair.

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Boar bristle brush

Perfect for: Medium and fine hair

What it does: The boar bristle brush has been gaining massive popularity, and for a good reason. This brush distributes your hairs natural oils for perfect texture and quality shine.

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The Wet Brush

Perfect for: Any hair type

What it does: Use this brush in the shower or while youre blow-drying your hair to get all the tangles out without pulling your hair out of your head. This brush makes detangling after the shower so much easier!

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Mixed-bristle paddle brush

Perfect for: Medium to thick hair

What it does: This brush is perfect for anyone with thick hair. The nylon bristles make it easy to brush through the hair, while the boar bristles distribute natural oils and create the perfect texture.

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Plastic bristle paddle brush

Perfect for: Wavy and curly hair

What it does: This is my go-to brush for everything. The best part is that its big, so it can detangle everything fast. Plus, the wide bristles make the hair easier to comb through without sacrificing texture.

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Volume brush

Perfect for: Fine hair

What it does: This brush is perfect for people who need a little extra boost. It adds volume to your hair while keeping it nice and static-free.

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Denman 9 Row styling brush

Perfect for: Natural, curly hair

What it does: According to Popsugar, this is the best brush for natural, curly hair. The bristles are movable and wide, so they dont interrupt the natural path of your awesome curls.

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Who knew you could have the hair of your dreams by simply switching out your brush? Happy hairbrush shopping!
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