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Netflix saves you from watching 160 hours of commercials a year, study shows
New study says Netflix viewers save 160 hours a year by avoiding commercials with their commercial-free streaming. - photo by Carlos Baquerizo
Finding a new show to watch is a major decision for avid TV viewers.

Once the extensive selection is made, many ask themselves two questions: Where has this show been my whole life? and Where did the last six hours of my life go? A new study from could make Netflixs 75 million subscribers feel a little better about how their binge-watching night was spent.

The study states that by watching Netflix rather than cable TV, viewers save 160 hours a year by avoiding commercials. The report said the 75 million Netflix subscribers collectively watch 125 million hours each day, totaling 1.66 hours a day for every subscriber. Statistics from Nielsen Data report that one hour of live TV includes 15 minutes and 38 seconds of commercials.

According to the data, each subscriber would save a little less than 160 hours every year if he or she was streaming commercial free instead of watching traditional live TV.

However, the study doesn't apply for viewers who watch live sports or follow new sitcom episodes weekly, as neither of those are available to stream on Netflix. The amount of time saved would not be as drastic for viewers who only watch cable/satellite TV using DVR capabilities, where they can fast forward through commercials.

The study would not only apply to Netflix subscribers, but also subscribers to their major competitors. Amazon Video, YouTube, Hulu, and HBO all now offer similar commercial-free streaming options for a price.
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