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Living passionately, presently and purposefully
Often we feel we have to eat, pray and love in a year-long pilgrimage to regain passion in our lives. But shifting our view of our daily do's can bring a level of passion to our lives we may not have realized. - photo by Connie Sokol
At times we may feel the need to eat, pray and love in a year-long pilgrimage to regain passion in our lives. But shifting our view of our daily do's can bring a level of passion to our lives we may not have realized.

1. Passionately

When we discover deeper meaning in seemingly regular experiences, we gain increased energy, happiness and influence.

One year our spunky daughter was struggling in the classroom. After considerable thought we felt to move her to a different environment and instructor. The new teacher was Mrs. Shipp, and talk about daily passion! Even though as a second-grade teacher she repeated information and mundane tasks, Mrs. Shipp sparked each childs desire to learn through her own unquenchable fire. She marinated those children in love by praising small efforts. And throughout the day they joined her in the good job cheer" to encourage good efforts.

Whether youre a furnace man, sales clerk or an at-home mother, look for the meaning in what you do. Is it a person you help, a service you provide or a product that makes life more efficient? Insignificant as it may seem, when seeking that minor meaning, youll find the fulfillment. When I look at my children I try to think, Im nurturing and developing a human being a living, loving person. In those moments, the overflowing laundry room doesnt bother me so much. (In those moments .)

2. Presently

A few months ago I helped women create their Life Boards (sometimes called Vision Boards). One of the tips I suggested was to choose a key word or phrase (or a few) to aptly describe their ideal life this coming year.

Taking my own advice, in a quiet moment I considered a word for my life. In the past, Ive used joy, brave, centered and others. This time, the word free came very clearly. As I thought what that looked like, I recognized certain areas of my life that needed more freeing and ways that I could more free others around me.

Ironically, after that experience I saw the word everywhere. Then a few weeks ago I spent time with good friends. We shopped at a big-barn store chuck full of crafts and knickknacks. I happened to walk by a thematic Willow Tree statue with a placard descriptor that said Free (unfortunately referring to the statues symbolic meaning, not the price). The caption read, FREE to sing, laugh, dance create. Bingo that shot straight to my soul. It stands on my desk as a daily reminder to stay in that frame of my mind for both myself and others.

3. Purposeful

Have you considered what you do, say or experience that makes you feel purposeful? Try finding it in unpretentious ways such as simple service.

Earlier this week on a slushy, sleety, gloomy day, three different people out of the blue specifically said to me, You have a good day today. That brightened my mood. Shortly afterward at the grocery store, I happened to see brightly colored mums, bushy and delightful. Paying the feeling forward I picked them up for neighbors and delivered them later, in a blizzard no less. The stark contrast from the sleeting snow backdropped against the bright mums made me feel better. I was bringing sunshine. Though it was a mere gesture, my mood not only lightened but the day felt purposeful on a new level.

As we change our lens on what it means to live passionately, presently and purposefully, we truly can find big fulfillment in everyday ways.
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