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If the sock fits, wear it
It was a sock party at the Palo Alto Youngs where Sherry and her husband, Grit, spent Christmas. - photo by Sherry Young
What do Rihanna, Jay Z, Will Smith, the NBA, Star Wars and the Young family have in common? The answer is they like Stance socks.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Jay Z gave a shout-out to them in some of his lyrics, Will Smith is an investor, and there are multiple athletes, musicians, models and artists who are sock "ambassadors.

Stance socks are the official socks of the NBA, according to ESPN, with each pair carrying the Stance logo on them. Just before Christmas, they came out with a timely line of Star Wars socks.

They make socks for women as well, and Rihanna has a line of her own. I have a few random pair and enjoy wearing them, especially one pair that are a clear nylon with thick black stripes that make me feel a bit young and hip. There are also socks for kids and even babies. This innovative company has taken an everyday item to a whole new level.

Christmas was fun for me this year because of these socks. I gave a pair that fit the interest of each male and some of the girls in our family. Being practical, I did draw the line at the younger ones who would grow out of the socks in 15 minutes.

The only reason someone as unhip as me knew about Stance is because of a friend, Noelle Bates, who is the vice president of communications and culture at Stance.

Stance isn't the only company making waves in the sock craze. Brands such as Gumball Poodle and Happy Socks have entered the market, and stores such as Target and various department stores are selling some colorful ones. This trend is putting some pizazz into life, especially for men.

In a CNBC article, Sabrina Korber quotes Ryan Roff, co-founder of Statement Sockwear. "Men embrace the bold socks movement to show they care about their style and to add personality to their outfit," Roff said. Korber also notes that Roff added "it's a much better 'water cooler' conversation starter than the weather."

My granddaughter, Paige, was wearing her favorite socks, a pair of Stance, when I noticed one of them had a hole in the toe. I said, Paige, my Grandma Steed taught me how to darn socks. Want me to fix that one for you?

We sat and talked while I showed her what I was doing, and pretty soon that sock was as good as new.

It was satisfying to think wed reverted to an era when a sock was worth mending.

Heres my challenge to you: Go out and buy a crazy pair of socks, no matter the brand. Once you put them on, I bet youll feel like a whole new person and begin the new year with a great big smile on your face.
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