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Have You Seen This? Twin toddlers reenact 'Frozen'
I must warn you here and now, this may be the most adorable thing you'll see today or maybe even this year. The amount of cute that's about to slap you in the face is truly staggering. - photo by John Clyde

ADORBS TOWN I feel it my duty to warn all who have clicked into this video that it may be hazardous to your health.

I feel an obligation to warn you that you may not want to watch this video. Why, you ask? Because some people may not be able to handle the insane amount of adorable that is about to punch them right in the face like a a cute right hook from a baby Mike Tyson.

Colleen Jordan posted this video of her insanely cute twin girls as they watch their favorite movie, "Frozen." The toddlers act out the scene where Elsa accidentally hurts Anna, and the video may be harmful to your sensitivities. If you don't feel like inexplicably and audibly going, "ahhhhh," or saying, "Oh my word, that's adorable" at your desk at work, I suggest not watching the video. If you think you can get through it without making your coworkers question their professional relationship with you, then be my guest. You're a braver soul than I.

If you don't feel a wave of delight and happiness throughout your body when you watch this, then you have no soul and I therefore cannot pray for it. You're on your own.

Watch the Jordan twins make this scene from "Frozen" about a thousand times better, and good luck keeping your emotions in check.
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