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Have You Seen This? Twin finds out she's one minute younger than sister
As the youngest of five children, I know the pain of being the last born. I understand this girl's pain. - photo by John Clyde

REALIZATION TOWN I know all you older siblings think the youngest child is always so spoiled, but you're wrong. So, so wrong.

As the youngest of five, I have some experience here. You all think we're mom and dad's favorite and that we're spoiled. Well, you're right, but guess whose fault that is yours.

That's right. We're the favorite because you older siblings made all of these bone-headed mistakes and we learned from your nonsense. Being mom and dad's favorite really wasn't that tough after your stint in high school.

The other thing is that while mom and dad may give us more lenient treatment, we don't experience that same love from the older siblings. You older siblings are jealous, and therefore make us miserable with your taunting, smug attitudes and constant attempts to ditch us. While we may get special attention from the parents, it's almost totally wiped out by the lack thereof from our siblings.

I bring this up because I totally feel for this adorable little girl who is devastated when she finds out she is one minute younger than her twin sister. Remember that smug attitude I was talking about? The "older" sister here puts it on full display as she patronizes the "younger" sister by trying to console her. We see through your charade older sister.

OK, OK, so it's not that bad. Even when older siblings torture us, they always have our backs from outside forces and blaze a trail for us. Youngest siblings everywhere say thank you. This little girl will one day treasure being the youngest. I'm sure of it.
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