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Have You Seen This? The ultimate one-man band
There are one-man bands and then there's this guy. - photo by John Clyde

MUSIC TOWN We've all seen the one-man bands. The guy with a guitar on his chest, a drum on his back, cymbals between his knees and a harmonica on his lips. They're a novelty act, but not always that great.

Now enter this guy. He makes the aforementioned musician look like a chump. This dude was playing in San Francisco and took the whole one-man band thing to a whole new level.

How about simultaneously playing a guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and a full set of drums, all while singing? I once tried to brush my teeth and take off my socks. Long story short, I drooled all over my socks, forgot to brush the left side of my teeth and blacked out for 20 minutes and woke up in a neighbor's basement.

Anyway, this guy is actually fantastic and doing it all himself. Check it out and tap your foot to the beat as you realize he desperately needs those tips to pay for the monstrous musical contraption he's built.
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