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Have You Seen This? The most epic bubble bath
There are baths. There are bubble baths. And then there are epic bubble baths. This is the latter. - photo by John Clyde
THE TUB I love being a dad.

Yes, it is exhausting most of the time, and I can't wait to sleep in again in 18 years, but overall I love being a dad.

As a dad, I get to do the stuff I'm not supposed to do as an adult anymore, but it's fine cause I'm a dad. A few examples include building forts, sliding down the stairs in trash bags, throwing your kids into any soft substance and making messes in the name of fun. The dad from this video is a kindred spirit of mine.

This dad let his boys take a bubble bath, but the bath soon turned into a watchtower reaching the ceiling. I cannot imagine the amount of soap it took to get this wall of bubbles but however much it was, it was worth it. The kids in the tub are loving it, and the kids outside the tub are loving it. It's just basically the greatest thing any of them have ever seen.

What I love about this video is the reality of it. Mom is nowhere to be found, which means she likely has no idea what's going on. Another great thing is the complete lack of concern about the possible clean up involved once this tub tower collapses because that's not how us dads work. What we want is the fun; consequences are of no concern.

I'm not saying this is a good way to approach life or that dads are in the right when it comes to this kind of thinking, I'm merely stating that this is how we think, or don't think.

Hopefully, clean up was minimal and my guess is mom thought it was just as fun as everyone else. But most importantly, these kids have a memory they'll never forget and the rest of us dads now have a high bar to shoot for.
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