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Have You Seen This? The lost wallet honesty test
You find a wallet on the ground with cash in it, what do you do? Return it? Keep it? Send it back but take the money? This is the question YouTuber Mark Rober wanted to find out. - photo by John Clyde

THE HONEST LAND YouTuber Mark Rober is known for building crazy stuff like the world's largest Nerf Gun or performing cool experiments like how to survive a grenade blast.

For his latest video, Rober isn't blowing anything up or building anything massive, but rather he's trying to find out how honest America is.

Rober says he recently lost his wallet and it was never returned. Having gone through this same thing, I can testify how frustrating it is. With this in mind, Rober decided to conduct an experiment where he dropped 200 wallets across the U.S. and waited to see how many were returned.

I'll let you watch the video to get all of the details of how the experiment was conducted, but the results are pretty fascinating. I was surprised by the outcome and it was interesting to see which cities were deemed "most honest." In fact, Salt Lake City was one of the test cities. Take a guess about where it fell on the honesty spectrum before you watch the video.

While this experiment is fun to watch play out, I think it's a great reminder to all of us that honesty is really the best policy. So if you find someone's wallet laying around, try to get it back to them intact. I'm sure they'd appreciate it. Not to mention that in today's world you never know if you're being watched, so you don't want your dishonesty shown off to the world. Hopefully, you are honest just out of decency, but the other part is there if you feel you need some more motivation.
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