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Have You Seen This? Star Wars song played with lightsaber violin
What's better than a 'Star Wars' song played on a violin? A 'Star Wars' song played on a violin with a lightsaber, that what! - photo by Grant Olsen
HONG KONG The Force Theme by John Williams is beloved worldwide. From its opening notes, most listeners can easily recall their favorite scenes from the Star Wars films.

And as with most famous songs, musicians love to cover the Force Theme. So how does a musician set their version apart from the pack? Well, if youre a violinist, its always smart to implement a Star Wars weapon into your arrangement.

At least, thats what Jeffrey Ding He did. His version of the Force Theme features a lightsaber violin bow to go along with his gorgeous adaptation of the original.

According to, Ding He is a high school senior from Hong Kong. Hes been playing the violin for 14 years and has a collection of cover songs on his YouTube channel.

"For this video, I was consciously trying to come up with something more creative than my old videos," Ding He explained in the interview.

The idea to create a lightsaber violin bow hit Ding He after watching The Force Awakens. While the idea may have come quickly, the execution was time-consuming. Ding He said it required about twenty hours just to add the lightsaber effect to one of the four frames.

But when a video comes together this well, the hard work is all worth it.
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