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Have You Seen This? Recreating the 'Top Gun' photo scene
Whether you admit it or not you love "Top Gun." We all love "Top Gun." So, naturally, when someone decides to remake the iconic "photo" scene we're all going to watch it. - photo by John Clyde

Recreating Top Gun: Was the Canopy to Canopy Photo Possible? from Jaron Schneider on Vimeo.

THE SKY "Top Gun" is one of those movies that just about everyone still loves. Sure the movie is a bit dated and a little hokey, but who cares? It's Maverick and Goose, what else do you need?

Well, I still love this movie and I'm guessing if you don't you're lying to yourself. Since I am not lying to myself I got all sorts of geeked out when I saw that a photographer took it upon himself to see if Goose really could have snapped that Polaroid while Maverick flew upside down above another fighter jet.

Photographer Blair Bunting said that he and an assistant were watching "Top Gun" and started debating whether this would be possible or not. Apparently photographers can do anything they want, so he convinced some expert pilots to take him up and give him a chance to get the shot.

Watching these pilots work is pretty amazing and makes you wonder if these guys also attended Top Gun.

Regardless, Bunting claims Goose never could have captured the shot, but I think he's forgetting that Goose was basically a god among men and could do whatever he wanted.

I love the video, but never bad mouth Goose again.
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