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Have You Seen This? Real-life jet pack
Yesterday I gave you a functioning hover bike. Today you're getting an actual jetpack. Life is good. - photo by John Clyde
THE FUTURE In my last Have You Seen This I shared a video of an actual functioning hoverbike. It blew my mind and I started saving my money to buy one.

I am now, however, in a bit of a conundrum, because I found this video and I also want to spend my money on this jetpack.

This video from local filmmaker Devin Graham shows off an actual jetpack as it cruises along a small lake. We've seen some jetpack videos before where they go up in the air and then touch down 30 feet from where they started. Pretty cool, I guess, but this thing is the real deal.

This pilot manages to keep up with a boat and the pack seems to have some real power. I'm pretty sure I'd end up killing myself if I bought one of these, but what a cool way to go. I mean, that would be a pretty cool conversation to have at a wake:

Guest: So sorry for your loss.

John's friend: Thanks.

Guest: How'd he die?

John's friend: He crashed into the side of Mount Everest while flying with a jetpack.

Guest: Oh, man. John was so cool.

John's friend: I know.

See what I mean? I need to buy one of these, along with the hoverbike.

I'm going to go list my house my wife shouldn't mind and you can all watch this video.
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