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Have You Seen This? Most hugs in 1 minute
Everything is a world record these days. Including handing out emotionless hugs. - photo by John Clyde

HUGLANDIA When I was in elementary school and it was our class' turn to take a little trip to the school library, there was one place I'd run every single time: straight for the "Guinness Book of World Records." To my dismay it was almost always checked out, but once in a while I'd get my hands on it and read about some amazing people.

I'd read about the woman with the longest fingernails, they guy who was the fastest man on earth, or the woman with the biggest hands. I always wanted to have a world record, but as a young buck I thought it'd be for most major league at-bats with no strikeouts, or fastest fastball in the world. I realized I'd never get in that book as it became more and more clear that I'm not an athlete. Then this video came out and I think I have a shot again because you can get in there now for just about anything.

This Indian man goes for the most coveted record of all, most hugs given in one minute. Wait, that's not the most coveted record? Regardless, this guy did it and managed to look heartless as he handed out each hug. His focus is commendable. I do think the absolute best part is that after he's hugged nearly 80 people for the record he doesn't hug one person to celebrate the feat.

So watch the video and see if you can brainstorm some records that we can break together and fulfill my childhood dream.
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