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Have You Seen This? Mascot is having a rough day
We all have those days, but the guy in this polar bear suit is about to call it quits. - photo by John Clyde

THE ICE We all have those days. The days when just nothing will go right. No matter what you do things just refuse to work out. This happened for me a few weeks ago when I woke up completely under the impression it was Friday (it was Saturday), I managed to pour orange juice into my oatmeal, I ripped my pants while putting them on and my infant daughter threw up all over me right after I got dressed. And this was all before I'd even left the house.

The mascot in the polar bear suit trying to shoot this local car commercial in Minnesota is having a very similar day. Even though I don't think he had baby throw up on him.

Watching this poor guy fail over and over just to succeed but have someone else mess up the take is aggravating and heartbreaking in a sense. Aggravating because you imagine yourself in that situation and heartbreaking because you know there is an actual human being in that suit who is ready to lose his mind.

You understand that things finally hit a breaking point when at the end the one guy not in a suit slaps the polar bear on the back just to send him to the ice one moe time. The polar bear-suit guy has just given up and lays on his face praying for this shoot to end.

It'll make you chuckle and the outtakes are likely the best local commercial ever made, because let's be honest, local commercials aren't all that great.
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