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Have You Seen This? Hurricane windsurfing
Red Bull pulls off some crazy competitions like the Red Bull Rampage, but this, the Red Bull Storm Chase, has to be one of the craziest. - photo by John Clyde

EYE OF THE STORM Red Bull is known for making energy drinks and hosting insane competitions. The Red Bull Rampage is a mountain bike competition held in Utah and it's hard to comprehend how these athletes do what they do. I've now found another Red Bull competition that rivals the madness of Rampage, the Red Bull Storm Chase.

The Storm Chase is where windsurfers from around the world meet to compete in hurricane-like conditions and basically laugh at death right in the face.

The next Storm Chase isn't until 2017, but this video captures some of the highlights from the last competition and it doesn't disappoint. My hands were shaking thinking about battling the wind and sea like these windsurfers. But they were mainly shaking because it looked so cold.

I have to be honest, I'm never more of a coward than when it comes to jumping into cold water. Don't ask me why, but man I'll avoid boating trips with friends for an entire weekend just so I don't have to jump into cold water. So, I guess I'll never be an elite windsurfer. Who am I kidding? I have the balance of a two-legged nightstand and the core strength of a 6-week-old baby, I was never going to be a windsurfer.

Enjoy the video and try to stay warm as you do it.
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