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Have You Seen This? How to make a pumpkin levitate
Science is awesome. Halloween is awesome. So, science plus Halloween equals super crazy awesome. - photo by John Clyde

THE LAB Halloween is a great day, full of pumpkins, costumes, candy and fun. And now it's also full of science.

This video from The Royal Institution may be three years old, but it's still pretty great. It shows us that the supernatural is actually quite natural and the spooky can actually be fascinating.

If I were walking down the street on a dark Halloween night and saw a levitating pumpkin coming my way I'd probably throw kids in front of me to save myself and run for a well-lit area. I admit I'm a coward, sorry little kids. But now that I've seen this video, I might now assume that levitating pumpkin just had a superconductor in it and was gliding along a magnetic track.

This video may not be the most entertaining thing you see today, but it could very well be the most educational and mesmerizing thing you see. Something about that pumpkin with the creepy face gliding along the air is magically off-putting and fantastic.

This makes me want to scream, "SCIENCE!" whenever I see it because that's how I react when I see science at work. This is why I wanted to be a scientist as a kid, so I could do cool stuff like this. Instead, I wasn't exactly smart and ended up a communications major. Don't judge me, just enjoy this awesome Halloween trick with me.
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