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Have You Seen This? Don't wake the tiger
No one likes being woken up, so I think we can all relate to this tiger. - photo by John Clyde

THE ZOO It's likely a pet peeve of just about every person on the planet, being woken up. No one likes it, let's be honest. You're in the middle of a dream where you're fighting off bears because you have bear arms and the love of your life is next to you saying, "He has the right to bear arms." You know, the dream all of us have, but right in the middle of it someone sneezes in the business meeting and wakes you up.

Maybe that exact scenario is only me, but you all get the point. It's with this in mind that I totally feel for this tiger from the Dublin zoo. This massive cat is just catching some z's when another tiger thinks it'd be funny to wake him (or her I have no idea) up. Long story short, that jokester tiger is a jerk and totally deserved what it got.

Granted the sleeping tiger may have overreacted a touch, but we've all done it. And in all honesty, we've all been the jerk tiger too and immediately regretted our ways. Just like the tiger in this video, we kind of play it cool, take a drink of water and eventually pretend like there's something over there that has caught our attention. We all know what you're doing jerk tiger. You're not fooling anyone.

Side note: It's also adorable that the kid in the video is growling at the tigers but the minute things get real, that kid wants no part of it. All in all this video is amazing and has everything. Enjoy.
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