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Have You Seen This? Beats by bulldog
Have dog, will make music. That's the thought of comedian, musician and bulldog owner Nic Smal. - photo by John Clyde

THE STUDIO There is just something about bulldogs. I'm not sure what it is, but you see one and you immediately smile and want to hold it. Well, most of us feel that way. Comedian and musician Nic Smal wants to use his bulldog to create mad beats.

Smal got his dog in front of a microphone and used him as a living drum to create beautiful music. Maybe beautiful is a stretch, but at the very least it's entertaining. I laughed pretty hard a few times even though I had a very traumatic experience with a bulldog that looked exactly like this one. No, the dog didn't bite me or chase me, but rather it used my basement as its doggy litter box and let's just say my stomach doesn't do well with gnarly smells.

I won't get into graphic detail here but my stomach was having none of that smell from that animal and I managed to add to the smell in the basement. I shudder to this day when I think about it. But with all of that terribleness this dog made me forget all of that for a split second and thinking I wanted to buy a dog. Then I got sick to my stomach and that feeling quickly left.

Anyway, now that I've grossed you out go ahead and check out the video and get your groove on.
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