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Five for Families: Football films worth cheering for
"Little Giants" - photo by Caresa Alexander Randall
Here are five movies from various platforms families may want to consider as recommended by Because not all are appropriate for younger children, age recommendations are included.

Super Bowl 50 is here! Whether you're a Panthers fan, a Broncos fan or neither, your family can cheer for some winning football films that carry great messages about sportsmanship and determination. Here are five football films for families to consider.

iTunes: 'Little Giants'

A group of misfit children forms its own football team after they are rejected to play for the local football team. Rick Moranis plays the inept coach who only wants to give his daughter and other overlooked kids a chance. But he must compete against his older brother, an ex-football star who is intent on winning the state pee wee football playoffs. Common Sense Media notes "Little Giants" "carries a good message, and kids will enjoy it." recognizes the "talented cast led by Rick Moranis" and states the movie is "filled with extremely positive themes of courage, honor and teamwork." The film is rated PG for kids' rude language and pranks. recommends the film for viewers ages 7 and older

Amazon Instant: 'The Blind Side'

The Blind Side tells of football player Michael Oher, who was a homeless teen until a family took him in and helped him realize his potential. (After an All-American career at Ole Miss, Oher is now in the NFL with the Carolina Panthers and will play in Sunday's Super Bowl). PluggedIn praised the film for focusing less on football and more on the massive impact people can have in other peoples lives, adding, Issues of class, race and family are all enthusiastically grappled with and the good guys doggedly work their way to the end zone. It is rated PG-13 for one scene involving brief violence, drug and sexual references. recommends the film for viewers ages 12 and older.

Netflix: 'Radio'

Based on a real story, a high school football coach befriends a developmentally challenged man nicknamed Radio. The Dove Foundation awarded the film its Dove "Family-Approved" seal for ages 12 and over, calling the film "an inspiring picture about a life lived to do good for others and the difference that one person can make." The film is rated, PG for mild language and thematic elements. recommends the film for viewers ages 8 and older.

iTunes: 'We Are Marshall'

In November 1970, most of the football team and coaching staff of Marshall University died in a plane crash. Based on the real-life story, the film follows the community as they deal with the loss. Parent Previews notes "the story focuses on teamwork, the meaning of success" and that "winning means more than the points on the scoreboard." The film is rated PG for emotional thematic material, a crash scene and mild language. recommends the film for viewers ages 9 and older.

Amazon Instant: 'Invincible'

"Invincible" follows the true story of Vince Papale, a 30-year-old substitute teacher and part-time bartender. After his teaching job is eliminated, his wife gives up on him and leaves a note saying he will never amount to anything. The Philadelphia Eagles holds open tryouts and against the odds, Papale makes the team. The Dove Foundation awarded the film its Dove "Family-Approved" seal for ages 12 and over, calling it a film "well worth seeing." The film is rated PG for sports action and some mild language. recommends the film for viewers ages 8 and older.
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