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Burn 1,000 calories just by cleaning
Skip the gym and clean your house instead. - photo by Emily Cummings
We all love a clean house but who knew it had such health benefits? There are a bunch of sneaky ways to burn calories and lose weight the easy way, but this health hack may be the sneakiest and most rewarding some household chores burn serious calories, meaning youll end up with a sparking clean bathroom and a trimmer waistline. Check each one of these chores off your to-do list and burn over 1,000 calories:

1. Rub-a-dub-dub

Around 15 minutes of scrubbing the tub will shed over 90 calories (more if youve got extra stubborn soap scum).

2. Do some rearranging

Looking for a new look in the kids bedroom or your front room? Try switching out the couches in the living room and finally moving out the extra furniture in the guest room just 25 minutes moving furniture is a 100-calorie workout (more if you need to drag that sofa up the stairs).

3. Time for a fresh coat

Maybe youll be more willing to repaint the master bedroom if you knew painting sheds almost 300 calories per hour. As a heads up, painting a whole room will most likely take you more than an hour, meaning this chore definitely can replace your gym time.

4. Skip the dishwasher

Tackle a pile of dirty dishes by hand; if it takes you around 30 minutes, youll burn 77 calories, according to Livestrong. Play some music or have Netflix on in the background, and let this become your new favorite chore.

5. Plug in that vacuum

Finally get around to vacuuming the entire house all the bedrooms, hallways, closets and even the stairs. One hour of vacuuming ends up burning around 200 calories.

6. Bon appetite

Burn 150 calories by cooking up a home-cooked meal for one hour. And don't feel the least bit bad if you make a pile of dirty dishes to clean afterwards ... it'll just add to your workout.

7. Crystal clear

See your windows sparkle (and fit into your jeans a little bit better) by cleaning windows. One hour of this chore equals a 230-calorie workout.

Are you convinced to finally get around to some of these chores? Grab your to-do list, start up your favorite playlist and block out a couple hours to clean (and lose weight at the same time).
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