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8 cancer symptoms you CANNOT ignore
Make sure you see a doctor if you have any of these potentially cancerous symptoms. - photo by Tana Bolinger
Although some people recover gracefully, cancer has likely taken away at least one of your family members within the past five years. This is not only because there is currently no cure for cancer, but because symptoms go undiagnosed until it is far too late.

Seeking medical advice when you notice one of these eight symptoms is the best way to ensure you have another day with your loving family. Dont overlook these eight signs:

1. Serious back pain and body exhaustion

Stress, excessive walking or being pregnant can cause back pain and that is normal. If the body exhaustion does not have an immediate cause, this may be a sign of ovarian cancer. Especially if the pain is followed by fatigue, this problem needs to be addressed with your doctor immediately.

2. Difficulty breathing

Asthma is a common condition that can be found in even the healthiest of individuals. Even with this condition, there are simple ways that you can catch your breath. With asthma or without, if you are finding it difficult to breath, and your inhaler is not helping, dont ignore it. Seek help from a professional.

3. Excessive weight gain or loss

Your diet hasnt changed, but you have noticed a rapid change in your weight. It has gotten to the point that it concerns you and you think something may be wrong. Once you have reached this point, it is very important that you realize this could be a sign of stomach or pancreatic cancer.

4. Dry coughing

It may not seem like a dangerous cough, but it can soon become much more than that. If bleeding occurs alongside the dry cough and hoarseness, be sure to visit the doctor to determine whether you have lung cancer.

5. Unusual bleeding

Excluding your usual menstrual cycle, if you notice that there is blood when you go to the bathroom, this could be a sign that there is a problem with your cervix. If you are experiencing this type of bleeding, dont wait it out; visit your doctor right a way.

6. Jaundice

When there are issues concerning your liver, your skin will take on a slight yellowing. This is one way you will be warned physically that your body is beginning to grow weak and starting to shut down. This is a definite link towards cancer.

7. Urination

Is your urine is darker than normal or starting to give off a strange smell? If this is happening to you, your ovaries may be trying to tell you something. Especially if you are not going to the bathroom very regularly, this is an issue that cannot be left alone.

8. Pelvic pain

If you think having pain in your pelvic area is normal, you must see a doctor as soon as possible. If there is swelling, frequent stomachaches or especially uncontrollable vomiting, this is a sign that your reproductive system is not functioning properly.

Cancer is not the only explanation for these issues, but it is common enough to not be ruled out.

Seeing a doctor with even the smallest irritation is wise. With new technology, health care has become more efficient and more accurate. Dont be afraid to visit the doctor because you are too scared to hear the worst. After all, if you want to be well enough to be around for years to come, you have to take care of your body.
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