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7 reasons to stop wearing makeup
We all want to be beautiful. Sometimes we feel like covering our true selves with makeup is the best way to do that. Here are 7 reasons thats simply not true. - photo by Rebecca Watson
We all want to be beautiful. Sometimes we feel like covering our true selves with makeup is the best way to do that. Here are some reasons thats simply not true.

It clogs your pores and can cause acne and other blemishes.

This is slightly ironic, since makeup is designed to make our skin look flawless, but your makeup may actually be causing those problem spots youre fighting so hard to hide. Giving your skin a break and letting it breathe for even a few days can be incredibly beneficial. You may find you dont need quite as much makeup afterwards.

Expired makeup is a real problem!

Yes, makeup does have an expiration date! Who knew? However, unlike food, cosmetics arent required to put the expiration date on the packaging, so unless you happen to remember how many months ago you bought that mascara, how will you ever know?

Once they pass their use-by date, products can become irritating to your skin and eyes, and in some cases they can become toxic. You put that stuff on your skin every morning, and quite a bit of it is getting absorbed. You dont want expired chemicals entering your body through your face anymore than you want them coming in through your food. This chart teaches you when it's time to throw away your makeup.

Nobody wants to get cancer

Several cosmetic products contain ingredients that are linked to cancer including phthalates (found in hairspray and nail polish), parabens (used as preservatives in makeup), and petrolatum (found in moisturizersit has been banned or restricted in many other countries).

Perfumes are also loaded with all kinds of things that are harmful to your body. If you decided to ditch the chemical scent, I suggest finding a natural alternative such as rose water, which can actually be beneficial for your skin, and smells just as good as anything you can find in an overpriced bottle at a cosmetics shop.

You will save time and money

Lets face it ladies. The stereotype of Ill be ready in five minutes! turning into an hour sometimes its all too true. Our beauty routines take a lot of time!

Obviously makeup is not the only culprit in this situation, but its a pretty big chunk of it. Not to mention the time we have to take to get the stuff off at night! I know Im not the only one who wants to cry every time I have to take off mascara (since crying seems to be the only way to get it off.) Also, makeup can get very pricey, especially if its higher quality. Do your pocketbook and your impatient boyfriend a favor and skip the makeup.

Say goodbye to smudges, smears, and stains

Never again will you head to the bathroom at a party only to wonder, How long has my eyeliner been doing that?? Why didnt anyone tell me? You will never have to hear your friend whispering frantically to you that you have a major makeup line on your jaw. Youll never find makeup smeared on the collar of your favorite white blouse, and youll never have to worry about rubbing your eyes in public! Rub away, my friend. No raccoon eyes here. Not to mention you can watch The Notebook with your boyfriend without mascara running down your face (and without leaving lipstick on his face)!

Youll realize that nobody else notices

Its true. I remember a time when I was in college, I left to go on a date and realized as I got in the car that Id forgotten to put on any makeup. I was mortified! I had a hard time even making eye contact with my date because I was certain he would realize I wasnt pretty in real life (aka without makeup). But after a few minutes, I realized he wasnt looking at me any differently. He even told me a few hours into the evening that I looked exceptionally pretty that night. As much as you may think that all your relationships hang on your flawless winged eyeliner, they simply dont.

You will start to love your flaws

The truth is, nobody is perfect, and trying to pretend like we are has never made anybody happy. One of my best friends, one of the most naturally beautiful girls I know, has a sizeable scar on her face from a surgery. She never tries to hide it or cover it with makeup because it makes her different and interesting. Its something she has learned to appreciate about herself.

Another dear girl I know has been blessed with a face full of freckles, and its darling! She spent years covering them with layers of concealer and foundation, until she came to realize that they are a beautiful part of what makes her unique.

I personally have chronic dark circles that I get embarrassed about and want to cover up, but Ive decided that they are part of who I am, and not something to hide. No matter what kind of flaws you have, even if you think yours are the worst flaws in the room, I promise that hiding them isnt the answer. You are the most beautiful when youre just being you.
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