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6 beauty benefits you didn't know about from exercising
We all know that exercise helps you lose weight and gain confidence, but did you know about the beauty benefits it helps stimulate? - photo by Liset Rivet
We all know that exercise helps you lose the extra five pounds and helps tone your body, but have you considered what beauty benefits it provides?

Instant glow

We tend to focus on the cardiovascular benefits of physical activity, and those are important. But anything that promotes healthy circulation also helps keep your skin healthy and vibrant, says dermatologist Ellen Marmur, author of Simple Skin Beauty. Giving yourself a little boost with a jog or run will help circulate your blood flow to better spread to all parts of your body. So drop the body glitter and head out for a little exercise.

Reverse aging

Exercise has a profound effect on our stress hormones that are interconnected with the process of aging. It also supports a stronger production amount of collagen. This then helps the level of chemicals produced to stimulate serotonin and dopamine that overtime slows the wrinkles from aging coming.

Combat acne

When you work out you sweat, which creates a sort of natural flush system for your body. Especially for your face, as it cleans dirt and other toxins from your pores that may cause you to break out more. Exercise will regulate a normal skin balance and set your skin into cleansing all impurities during the time you are breaking a sweat.

Trigger hair growth

I can testify that exercise does help with hair growth. I used to have hair that was very fragile and fast at thinning. After I developed a healthy exercise routine, it drastically started to change. Hair follicles are nourished by oxygen and exercise increases this blood flow to your brain and also rushes antioxidants to the area, ultimately promoting hair growth.

Stimulate sleep

Beauty sleep is something very real and applicable to every person. When we sleep our bodies produce a growth hormone that helps rebuild body tissue. This plays a big part in keeping our skin youthful and bodies strong.

Personally, I know when I get more sleep at night that not only do I feel refreshed, but I look more radiant because I gave my body the appropriate time it needs to heal at night.

Increased height

I know this one sounds a little strange but many agree that exercise does help with height. Pilates and Yoga classes especially, most likely because it stretches and strengthen muscles which leads to an increase in stature.

Natural detox

The body is a sensitive system of nerves, organs and blood. Increased circulation is the key to putting our body into a healthy practice. If we regulate our bodies to develop a routine and slowly grow strong, it will build its immunity and push out any dangerous invaders or toxins that can harm us.

Understand that exercise is like the bodys own self-made medicine for people. Since the beginning of time people have built their bodies up to serve as a weapon, a nourisher and a support. Building our bodies to be strong will help in every possible aspect. Not only will exercise help with weight reduction and confidence but also in benefits of beauty. Isnt that motivating to get to the gym?
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