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19 yoga poses gone horribly wrong
Check out these 19 yoga poses gone horribly wrong. You may not attain enlightenment, but you'll definitely laugh. - photo by Kelsey Down
Yoga enriches the body and the soul -- or so they say. One thing's for sure, though: Looking at these poses gone wrong will enrich your soul through laughter.

1. Yoga: relationship bonding in a very literal way.

2. Did anyone see that?

3. Wet bum, no fun.

4. I admire the persistence.

5. At least she avoided the baby!

6. No, dog. You cannot yoga.

7. Long legs and long johns.

8. He came down with a splash.

9. Ain't gonna happen.

10. Friends that stretch together fall together.

11. Jelly legs.

12. Who needs Twister when you have yoga?

13. A bonding experience for dogs and their humans.

14. It's not for everyone.

15. "Hey, babe, that wasn't so ouch."

16. Nope nope nope.

17. Showing off never pays.

18. Falling with style.

19. Never take yourself too seriously.

We're glad these yogis continue to smile, even when the world is crashing down around them or maybe vice versa.
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