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16 common beauty mistakes that are aging you
That eyeliner might be adding 10 years to your face. - photo by Chakell Wardleigh
We all have that youthful glow at one point in our lives, but unfortunately, Father Time doesnt allow us to keep our flawless face forever. You might not realize it, but there are many mistakes women all over the world make from applying makeup to forgetting to moisturize. The fountain of youth only exists in fiction (as far as we know), so with that knowledge, here are 18 common mistakes that could be adding years to your complexion.

1. Mascara on your lower lashes

It is better to use mascara on your longer top lashes and avoid the lower ones. It might seem strange to neglect doing so after you have done it for so long, but the darker your lower lashes, the more they draw attention to crows feet and wrinkles under your eyes. Using a dark, black mascara on your upper lashes will brighten your eyes and shift the focus from your wrinkles.

2. Eyeliner on your lower lashes

That black cat eye you love so much on your lashes might look flattering to you, but it might be having a different effect on others. A very fine line of black on your lid adds a lot of dimension to your face, but you should forgo darkening your lower lash line. If you cant bring yourself to give up lining your entire eye, try a less harsh color such as a grey or brown shade on the lower lash line.

3. Neglecting primer

Primer is essential to using makeup. Primer creates a smooth canvas on your face and fills in all of those deep lines and wrinkles that seemingly appear out of nowhere. Invest in a good primer to use under your makeup. Not only will it make you look younger, it will keep your makeup in place all day too.

4. Forgetting to exfoliate

Exfoliating is for everyone, and it is necessary for your skin. Exfoliating your skin removes dirt and dead skin cells from your pores and promotes new cell growth. Be sure to incorporate it into your face routine at least three times a week.

5. Powder on lines and wrinkles

Powder is meant to reduce shine on your nose and chin. If you are putting powder all over your face, especially in areas with wrinkles and lines, the powder has a tendency to settle in those lines and does the opposite of what you want it to. Stick to powdering your nose and other oily areas on your skin only.

6. Shimmering eye shadow

Everything looks better with glitter! Well, not everything. Glittery eye shadow has a tendency to sink into fine lines and wrinkles. It also can draw attention to sagging eyelids and dark circles. Instead of glitter, try a matte eye shadow in your favorite shade.

7. Not drinking enough water

75 percent of adults are chronically dehydrated. And the majority of them do not realize it! Make sure you are getting enough water throughout the day. Since the body is 80 percent water, it is important to hydrate yourself to keep your skin hydrated.

8. Going easy on sunscreen

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. Do not forget the sunscreen, especially on the areas you tend to look past, such as your chest and your hands. The sun does so much damage to your skin. If you are looking for a tan, but you want a youthful glow, a good option is getting a spray tan rather than frying up your skin cells and speeding up your wrinkle development.

9. Failing to fill your eyebrows

Eyebrows tend to start fading away as the body gets older due to over plucking or just age. For whatever reason, if they are thinning out, dont hesitate to invest in an eyebrow pencil to fill in the gaps.

10. Lack of lip liner

Age usually brings about thinning lips, and although your favorite red lipstick can divert attention from the thinness, lip liner can do wonders for you. Lip liner plumps your lips by filling in fine lines around your mouth.

11. Dyeing your hair one color

Dying your hair one lustrous color might seem like a good idea to look younger, but it can have the opposite effect. Instead, have your hairdresser layer your hair with warmer tones that frame your face. Nothing too drastic, but a little variation in your hair color goes a long way.

12. Blunt ends

If the ends of your hair are in constant sync with one another, it can actually accentuate the wrinkles on your face. Instead, ask your hairstylist to give you long layers. The more movement and texture in your hair, the more vitality you will appear to have.

13. Banishing the blush

Blush is essential to looking youthful, because natural rosy cheeks tend to fade over time. Choose a blush and where you apply it carefully. A light rose color will help shape your face.

14. Dark lipstick

That berry shade you love? It could actually be making your lips appear thinner. The safest color is a light nude or subtle pink to keep your lips looking spry.

15. Mocking the moisturizer

Moisturizing your face is truly vital to your complexion. Whether you use an intense moisturizer over night or a less powerful one under your makeup, keeping your face hydrated is essential if you want to reduce your risk for wrinkles, sagging and dry skin.

16. Sleeping with makeup on

Yes. Its true. Sleeping with your makeup on might seem harmless, but doing so will cause you to use even more face makeup in the future. It clogs your pores, brings about acne and can worsen the bags under your eyes. Do yourself a favor and wash your face before bed. You wont regret it.
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