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11 ways to grow your hair LONG super fast
Find out how to get the mermaid hair of your dreams. - photo by Lindsey Miller
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Getting your hair to grow is one of the most frustrating things ever. Its an excruciatingly long process that sometimes feels as if itll never end. And its even worse if your hair is at a stage where it just wont do what you want weve all been there.

The sad truth is that your hair wont grow to mermaid lengths overnight. It takes time and patience no matter what you do, but you can help speed up the process by doing a few simple things on a regular basis:

1. Dont shampoo every single day

No one likes dirty hair, but shampooing every day can strip your hair of its essential nutrients and dry it out. Try to go as long as possible between washes and make sure you condition every single time you shampoo. This combats the dryness shampoo leaves.

2. Try taking biotin

There are certain supplements you can take to increase hair growth and boost hair health. When I was growing out my bangs, I took this biotin pill on a regular basis and my bangs were grown out in no time.

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3. Wear your hair down more often

When you wear your hair in tight ponytails or buns, its more prone to breakage. Give your hair a rest and wear it down. It might take more time to style, but itll save you from a lot of breakage.

4. Dont be scared of the scissors

It sounds silly to get regular trims when youre trying to grow your hair out, but it actually helps keep your hair healthy. This will prevent breakage and split ends, and prevent you from having to chop off a lot of hair later. Trimming a little every six to eight weeks is the way to go.

5. Be careful with coloring

No matter how bad you want that platinum blonde balayage, it might be best to wait until your hair is the length you want it. The chemicals from the blonde can do some serious damage to your hair, so you might want to go a little darker until youre happy with your length.

6. Know the temperature of your hot tools

Your hot tools shouldnt exceed 350-400 degrees fahrenheit, depending on your hair type. Your curling and flat irons should have a temperature gauge on them, so if your hair is feeling a little dry, you might want to make sure your tools arent too hot.

7. Always use a heat protectant

Even if youre just blow drying your hair, you should always use a heat protectant. This wont prevent every split end, but it will act as a barrier to keep your strands as healthy as possible. I use this one its super cheap and it works amazing!

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8. Be careful when you brush

Make sure you know what brush is right for your hair. Your hair is especially fragile when its wet, so make sure youre using a wet brush or other brush designed specifically for wet hair. I take this one in the shower with me and it works amazing!

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9. Use a hair mask once a week

When your hair is longer than your shoulders, it has been attached to your head for a very long time so it needs a little extra love. There are tons of hair mask recipes you can make from the ingredients in your kitchen, or you could simply apply coconut oil to your strands. Just make sure to shampoo and condition after the mask has sat on your hair for a while.

10. Switch up your diet

What youre putting in your body matters as much as what youre putting on your hair. Dr. Francesco Fusco, dermatologist and hair expert, suggests eating a high protein diet for long, strong hair and to avoid shedding.

11. Ditch the extensions

While youre growing your hair, a quick way to serious length is extensions. While instant mermaid hair is tempting, its better to resist at all costs. The extensions can pull on your real hair and cause serious damage and breakage.

Growing your hair out takes time and patience, but itll all be worth it when you have the hair of your dreams.
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